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SpiceJet Cargo, Booking, Complaint

SpiceJet Airlines Cargo: SpiceJet Cargo is a nationwide Airport-top-Airport product with offices at major SpiceJet destinations such as Ahmedabad, Agartala, Bagdogra, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Madurai, Mumbai, Pune and Vizag.

Booking: Direct bookings with SpiceJet Cargo will require payments to be made in cash.

SpiceJet Cargo Charges (Acceptable Dimensions)

The maximum acceptable dimensions for each package are L48''XB52''XH34'', with individual package weight not exceeding 100kgs.

You can book cargo directly at SpiceJet offices across India, or through SpiceJet's authorized agents. Bookings should be made at least three hours prior to flight departure time, and are subject to availability of space. Direct bookings with SpiceJet Cargo will require payments to be made in cash. The following tables display information on office locations and respective contact numbers of SpiceJet cargo personnel.

Mr. Edmund Jones Sr.General Manager Cargo India 9811600765  
Mr. V.Raghuraman General Manager - Cargo 9582159914  
Mr. Vidhu G Nair Dy. General Manager Cargo India 9711209871  
Mobile No.  
Ahmedabad (AMD) One Point Contact 9099057163  
Mr. Pramod Pawar Sales Executive 9824059548  
Mr.Baljeet Singh CSE 9825735586  
Mumbai(BOM) One Point Contact 9920392941  
Mr. Sunil Tadilkar Regional Sales Manager - WI 9821720511  
Mr. Snehal Kadam Sales Executive 9869314131  
Mr. Neeraj Sharma Supervisor 9867475470  
Mr.Anjum Shaikh Sr .CSE 9867121737  
Bangalore(BLR) One Point Contact 9916010098  
Mr.Vijay Rozario Sales Executive 9980419017  
Mr. Raphael Varghese CSE 9916506329  
Mr. Bijoy Jose CSE 9945389870  
Mr. Dinesh G CSE 9035174291  
Kolkata(CCU) One Point Contact 25112852/9748409766  
Mr.Shiv Kumar Choudhary Sales Executive 9874290685  
Mr. Ravi Anand Supervisor 9339404755  
Mr.Sibaji Dutta CSE 9836004142  
Mr.Abhijit Burman CSE 9331283820  
Delhi(DEL) One Point Contact 9971002787  
Mr. Sanjeev Sharma Sr. Manager - North India 9871960685  
Mr.Shailesh Kumar Sales Executive 9711117501  
Mr. Pankaj Nahal Duty Officer 9810047430  
Mr. Nitin Maheshwari Supervisor 9810779588  
Hyderabad(HYD) One Point Contact 9642325558  
Mr. Madhukar Salla Sales Executive 9849434156  
Mr. Vijay Kamble Supervisor 9966287869  
Mr. Anup Lavangal Supervisor 9885643531  
Chennaie(MAA) One Point Contact 044 22345567/8, 9176663573  
Mr. Siva Kumar Regional Sales Manager - South India. 9962893992  
Mr. Manoj Kumar Supervisor 9790856536  
Mr. C.G. Mohan Cargo Service Executive 9444454645  
Pune(PNQ) One Point Contact 9766711114  
Mr. Sachin Nalawade Sales Executive 9764153885  
Coimbatore(CJB) One Point Contact 9047444102  
Mr.R.Ganesh Supervisor 9789408595  
Mr.Philip Jacob C.S.E 9003499585  
Vizag(VTZ) One Point Contact 9642577747  
Mr.R.Srinivas Rao Supervisor 9177967578  
Bagdogra(IXB) One Point Contact 9593700474  
Mr.Ganesh Chettri C.S.E 9832398140 / 9851702243  
Guwahati (GAU) One Point Contact 9706041444  
Mr. Uzzal Sarma Supervisor 9435555566  
Kochi(COK) One Point Contact 9745002249  
Mr.Ajay K.M.K Cargo Supervisor 9847274767
Goa(GOI) One Point Contact 9673332703  
Mr.Dharshan Nayak C.S.E. 9890224951  

Agartala(IXA) One Point Contact 9774014721  
Mr.Amitabha Shil Supervisor 9774007501  

Madurai(IXM) One Point Contact 9655833434  
Mr.K.Sivanandam C.S.E

If you have any Complaint call above mentioned Phone Numbers or call 1800 180 3333 or 0987 180 3333

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